“AvtoBaltTrans” LLC is a universal transportation company. Our “Any Distance – Shortest Terms!” slogan is a synonym for high-quality work - our terms and efficiency meaning, above all, our adherence to the highest standards of providing transportation services in the 21st century.

The company has been present in the trucking transportation market since 2002. We have been engaged in cargo freight forwarding , organization of cargo trucking,  container transportation,, intra-port freight forwarding and customs processing of refrigerated cargoes since 2005 constantly expanding our range of services. In the years of our work we have already earned a strong reputation as a high quality standard transportation company and won the trust and confidence with many our clients for the quality of our operation.

The “AvtoBaltTrans” LLC transportation company offers services in long-distance and international container cargo trucking, cargo freight forwarding and intra-port freight-forwarding.

The company vehicle fleet includes long-range hauler trucks and universal container platforms (container-carriers) capable of transporting containerized cargoes of any type, size and weight in exportation and importation modes, as well as in ICТ (internal customs transit) mode. The vehicles are equipped with satellite tracking systems which enable our employees to constantly monitor cargo movement throughout the whole transportation process so that you can always have verified information on what stage of delivery your shipment is at.

We pay special attention to make sure that every vehicle dispatched for cargo delivery is duly pre-checked and in proper technical condition to eliminate any forced en route stops which might lead to delays in delivery of your shipments. Our vehicles arrive at cargo pick-up points and delivery destinations in a most efficient manner and strictly on pre-coordinated time and terms.

Here are some reasons to why you should use our transportation services and place your cargo delivery order with us:
  • Intensive freight flow allowing us to efficiently consolidate and deliver shipments by road in the shortest terms possible.
  • Qualified personnel who enable our company to achieve notable success in the cargo transportation business in the long years of our presence in the market. It is the unity and professionalism of our team that allows us to attain good results. We are focused on our partners and clients always being happy with our work and the quality of transportation services we provide.
  • “AvtoBaltTrans” LLC cargo transportation operations are covered with liability insurance, and guarantee full safety of our automobile cargo transportation.
  • Prompt vehicle assignment matching and dispatch.
  • Freight forwarding services (cargo freight forwarding, intra-port freight-forwarding, cargo dispatch service).
  • High quality professional standards of transportation services.
We actively co-operate with different types of companies. By making your choice in favor of the “AvtoBaltTrans” LLC transportation company you are getting yourself a reliable partner providing you with efficient high quality services in container transportation, cargo trucking across Russia, long distance and international freight deliveries. You can feel safe that your shipments are always delivered within pre-agreed terms and in perfect condition.


“AvtoBaltTrans” LLC transportation company departments:

1.Freight Forwarding Across Russia Department (organization of cargo transportation across Russia).

2.Intra-port Freight Forwarding Department (cargo dispatch).

3.Vehicle Fleet and Container Transportation Department (vehicle fleet, international cargo transportation).

Some of our company’s partners:

“Container Terminal One” CJSC

“Petrolesport OJSC”

“МSС Saint-Petersburg” LLC (MSC)

“Maersk”, CJSC (MAERSK, Safmarin)

• “International Transport and Logistics” CJSC (Alianca, Hamburg Sued)

“Evergreen Shipping Agency (Russia) Limited” LLC (Evergreen)


• “Sea Express” LLC (CSAV)

• “Neptune Sea Agency” CJSC

• and many more


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