Transportation Forwarding

The process of freight forwarding consists of a huge number of operations, often difficult and labor-consuming. Every one of those operations is a transportation - related service provided by the freight forwarder to the client. Transportation forwarding includes preparation of freight for shipment, its arrangement on a vehicle, transloading to a different type of carrier (if required), freight storage at specialized warehouses.

The freight forwarder also provides logistics services to the client by working out an economic and rational scheme of delivery for the goods to be transferred.

As a rule, the freight forwarding process requires the drawing up of necessary documents and receiving permissions as well as payment of duties related to transportation of oversize cargoes. Thus the client is relieved from dealing with all those issues, except for providing his oversize freight for delivery and receiving it at destination.

AvtoBaltTrans” LLC provides fast and high quality transportation forwarding services.


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