Vehicle Fleet and Container Transportation

The “AvtoBaltTrans” LLC transportation company is a reliable partner. Many big and small companies who consider the promptness and quality of services delivered to be a key factor for choosing a business partner are working with us.

Container freight transportation is a modern most economic kind of cargo transportation used by our company for both domestic and international deliveries. It is also a guarantee of your freight safety. The freight is positioned into the container which protects it from possible damage during loading and off-loading as well as from product theft during transportation.

Automobile container transportation has a number of advantages as compared to other modes of transportation. It allows high maneuverability so that trucks can be dispatched for loading and off-loading to practically any point. This enables rendering of transportation services utilizing the “door-to-door” principle, as well as allows delivering shipments to distant areas where roads are the only communication possible. On top of that, the use of containers ensures minimal terms for medium and short distance deliveries and also provides possibilities for freight consolidation when small volumes of cargo have to be moved.

Containers have standard sizes and are easily moved by all kinds of freight transport, they secsecure safety and meet the highest requirements - this brings the risk of loss or damage to transported goods to a minimum. This is the reason why an overwhelming majority of our clients prefer to use container transportation.

Due to container universality container freight transportation (transportation of containers) works for moving almost any kind of goods, including oversize, large-tonnage, dangerous, perishable and other kinds of freight. In some cases special containers can be utilized for delivery: universal or in case of non-standard goods and products – specialized.

The success of transportation in many ways depends on the technical condition of the vehicle. Therefore please pay attention to our company vehicle fleet – all our trucks are foreign-made.

The choice of vehicle for container transportation in many ways depends on the shipment weight, volume, type of freight and the distance the shipment has to travel. Our experts will do vehicle matching assessment and chose an appropriate vehicle of required carrying capacity. Company vehicles are equipped with satellite tracking systems which enable our employees to constantly monitor cargo movement throughout the whole transportation process so that you can always have verified information on what stage of delivery your shipment is at.

If you are interested in using our container transportation services - please contact our managers. You can also place your cargo delivery orderat our website.


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